ever changing floor patterns

Because of the building’s ever-increasing decay, it has been decided to dismantle the Royal Sovereign in 2023. The very impressive lighthouse was built in 1971 on the bottom of a sandbank off the coast of Eastbourne, England. The building then replaced a lightvessel that had marked the sandbank for a century since 1875.

To raise the tower 7 miles from the coast, engineers had to outdo themselves. A wonderful documentary from 1972 can be found on the internet about how the engineers managed to do this, Royal Sovereign Light 1972.
It is impressive to see how the inner part of the column could be jacked up underwater and telescopically, increasing the height by 13 metres.

Nowadays the tower stands balancing dangerously on the corner of the square heli platform, which in turn balances on the single concrete pole.
In the coming years the whole lighthouse will be demolished.

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